Is voting really so important? – The answer is yes! Not only would you be participating in the monthly top voter contest, which would grant you 1 month of free VIP++ access if won. You will also be able to claim an in-game reward for each vote you made (Two votes can be made each day). After done voting, then you need to run the command /claim on the server you are playing on! (Vanilla not included in this).

Voting for our servers daily would give us a higher rank on the rust rank list’s, this will help us providing current players with an expanding population.

The vote system works in a form of “Ladder” way, which means that if you vote once or twice, then you will get the lowest reward possible. Voting 2 times a day every day however, will make your claimable rewards increase pretty fast!




Server Email:

Server is hosted in the United Kingdom

Dedicated Machine Specs:
I9 9900k 8Core/16Threads - 64GB ddr4 3466Mhz ram - 2 x 512gb M.K 2 NVME ssd - 10Gbps up/down.


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