- What is considered Griefing ?


Griefing is when you are using aspects of the game in unintended ways. This means that you can NOT wall of another player completely, neither can you raid a person and reset/take tc's and close of the base! Some people also get confused and ask if raiding is not allowed. Short answer is, yes, Raiding is allowed, just don't block off Tool-Cupboards.

- What can we do when we go raid ?


If you are raiding then you’re allowed to place auto turrets around your raid base and near the entrance of the base that you’re raiding, to fend off people trying to counter raid. You are also allowed to place doors & turrets temporary while raiding, once done these needs to be removed, or the admins will most likely ban for it.

Solo/Duo Vanilla Rules

  • 1. English only in chat.

  • 2. Don't be overly personal or toxic. Everyone gets abit frustrated at times, and that's fine in a competitive game, but don't cross the line. Bringing up deaths/illnesses and so forth are a firm no no.

  • 3. No racism, racial slurs or nazism. We don't care if you're black yourself, if your nan is from Nigeria or if you spell certain words with numbers instead of letters. Racial slurs are derived from negativity towards a race. We don't allow it. Same goes for signs featuring nazi symbols etc on the outside of bases.

  • 4. No griefing in any way, no locking off tool cupboards etc. We do not allow base takeovers, as we advertise as noob friendly we like to give people the option to keep what they've designed and built. This helps people not give up as easy and givesthe option of carrying on and rebuilding. This helps the server keep population which benefits everyone. Doors, turrets etc are allowed to be placed and locked while you are raiding, once the raid is complete, please remove any traps/doors/locks.

  • We DO allow the taking over/griefing of quarry & cave bases. If you decide to build on/in them, be prepared to defend them.

  • We DO allow foundation wiping of bases to take the area over. If someone is willing to use the explosives to clear an area so there is no previously owned entities, they are welcome to build there as their own.

  • 5. Group limit, including allies is 2. Offline members of your team are always included in the total also. You can replace a member of your team, but TC has to be cleared and their bags chopped.

  • 6. Do NOT impersonate staff, or falsely call out admin abuse, even if you're joking. Some people can't take a joke and new players might not stick around because of that incorrect statement.

  • *Break any of these rules at your own risk, mutes and bans will be handed out if these rules are broken.*

Please respect the rules and the staff team, be friendly and act mature when being helped or asking questions. Remember "Moderators/supports" are still players as well, and have no way to abuse their powers, as they do NOT have access to anything else, other than what is stated in the command list on the website.


Server Email:


Server is hosted in the United Kingdom

Dedicated Machine Specs:
I9 9900k 8Core/16Threads - 64GB ddr4 3466Mhz ram - 2 x 512gb M.K 2 NVME ssd - 10Gbps up/down.


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