Uh Oh, look who's back with a brand new blog all about the new updates!

August 2, 2018

Well, this noob is back again doing the blogs. For those that don't know me, I'm FiCtOaGn and I've recently taken a short break, but I am back in business now.

So, the wipe day is upon us and we're all eagerly awaiting the wipe so we can rush on, grab those hemp plants, put up our twig structures and grind away for hours, ahh such fun. So I've been trawling through the commits and the staging branch to have a look at what's new, and although we've probably all seen ShadowFrax's video by now, we here at Rusticles like to put our spin on it also.

So, without further ado, I give to you, the biggest update this month in terms of size, the Bandit Camp.


From having a browse of the Bandit Camp, there doesn't seem to be alot there, on the server I was on, if there are crate spawns, they'd been removed or constantly taken while I blinked. There is a research table hidden in one of the buildings and also a repair bench. This isn't to say there wont be any loot here, just I didn't see any. There are afew good ambush points in and around the buildings, I'd say it was more for early game content, despite this sign...

Despite me wondering how this would fit in amongst the snow biome, I can take time to appreciate the detail that went into some of the interior...


 So yeah, that's the Bandit Camp. But strangely, one I didn't know anything about was also new on the map, the Abandoned Cabins? Again, a very small new area, no loot atleast on the server I was on and no real reason to visit, but some new area for people to PVP.

Here is a pictures of the cabins, like I said, not alot else to see inside of them...

 Moving on quite quickly, COMPOUND BOW!!!


 Now, I've been looking forward to this because I'm always usually carrying a bow around with fire arrows, even when accompanying an AK or bolt. It offers a normal shot while moving, which makes it feel like you're always using bone arrows, as the drop on the shots isn't the best. HOWEVER, if you stand still and use the charge shot, which activates and fills up the bar when you stand still, this thing has ridiculous range and power. I was able to headshot a coffee can guy and instakill with the charged shot. I also loaded her up with HV arrows and fired off dome towards an iceberg just under 2 map squares away and was able to hit. So yeah, an early game long range weapon that with abit of skill will be deadly. Oh and just for those wondering, 100 wood, 75 metal frags and 2 rope to make this long range beast!

So yeah, some noticeable content this forced wipe, will be interesting to see how much the new sites get used and how many people go around rocking the compound bow.

Something I have little information on but have tested, is a change to rocket splash, the rockets seem to now splash 3 pieces as opposed to the regular 4. I've tested this on stone and metal and 9 out of 10 times it only took out 3 pieces. If this is in the finished product tonight, what do we think of this?

That's it from me, I shall see you all on the servers over the next few weeks, don't hesitate to get in touch with any issues.


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