June 8, 2018


Yet once more we are looking for a blogger, and an admin for our Vanilla server. Please apply if you feel like it, the application can be found on our webpage Www.rusticles.net, look under application section.

I’ve had a lot of different people telling me how the current rules have been bended, some people have been pooling resources as we allow alliances in some way. I personally dislike this idea of multiple groups being allowed and able to do these kind of things, it’s simply not fair for any solo/duo’s or single working groups.
Therefore, I’ll be resorting the rules today, yes, I know – late as fuck, they should have been announced or implemented earlier to give people a real chance to consider if they like or dislike this.

The past 2-3 weeks for me been pretty busy regarding personal life, I’ve had things that were really important to attend to, but I’m pretty much back now, ready for another round of redoing and fixing 😊.

The new rules that will be dropped in today is very simple for anyone to understand, if you don’t follow them then we will drop wipe bans, if you’ve already have received one ban on any of our servers, then we will be doing perm bans (Only way to get these removed is when we purge the ban list which rarely happens).

So, what’s new this update? There’s actually some pretty neat things!

  • Key cards – to get access to different grade loot.


Green key card gives Basic access, these can be found on desks & on dead scientists. 

Blue key card gives Medium access, these can be found on desks & be bought at the Outpost.


Red key card gives Advanced access, these can be found on desks (only within the “blue” key card areas.



  • Fuses – these are used in the circuits that runs the key card readers.


Find a fuse & place it in a fuse box. If this is done correctly then you should be able to pull the lever and gain access to the chosen level. Be aware though, some fuses will not last long, and you might even get caught inside a room with your goodies.


  • Manuel blast door’s- turn the wheel to open these, just keep in mind that they won’t be open for ever.


  • Despawn timer on sulfur & gunpowder have been increased.


  • You can no longer drink forever to heal up from rivers, max is 50% now.


  • Improvements to AL, movement, detection etc.


  • Diving gear models have been changed, better and slimmer look!


  • Spas12 buff! Went from 105 dmg -> 135 dmg.


New Rules:

General – Do not be any more than 5 at any given point, offline or online – outside or inside compound. Groups are hard limited to 5 people now.  This also means that you are no longer allowed to engage in activities with other clans/groups UNLESS the number of players isn’t exceeding 5 online or offline.

Trading – Trading should be done through vending machines or trading fronts. Pooling resources is a NO GO now, and yes, we will be keeping track on this. (I’ve just got my coder to setup a plugin for this).


  • Overtaking bases is not allowed, unless it’s abandoned or seriously decaying. If you do find a base that you’d like to take over, then you’d need to ask the owner of the base.


As I said in the top of this blog then we are looking for a new blogger, as Fict isn’t with us anymore, the reason will be kept within staff team though. So, do you feel like being a member of the staff, in the form of a blogger, or maybe just want to help the community getting bigger & better? Please do not hesitate, PM a staff member.


This month have been a slow one, at least from my side. I’ve been away most of it, an even though it’s been a long one in the rust wipe cycle, then I really haven’t done nearly as much as I planned, sadly. I’m going to get a great deal done the next month though, hopefully that is ^^.

I did get some work done though, new support system and in-game -> discord / discord -> in-game chat working! Everything has been made easier for the staff to control and to keep track of the on-going things in-game.


There was a huge number of old files, backups & tons of databases which were removed since there’s no need for this, it’s just allocating disk space on the servers.

On our modded 5/10x servers I’ve been doing a bit regarding Kill messages, they will no longer be shown in top right corner, they are back in the chat – new colors, text & more info.



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