12.1 Community Update

May 18, 2018

2 weeks have passed since last blog update, so it’s about time to drop a new one. This one will contain content from our servers, such as videos & pictures. Please send us everything regarding your in-game footage, no matter if it’s pictures of your base, or a recording of you being raided or even raiding yourself! (of course, not raiding your own base, unless that’s what you want to).

The upcoming week I’ll be spending on our 5/10x server – they definitely lack an overhaul again. Every time the Rust DEV team changes something, plugins have to be updated (most of the time this is the case). However, then it often allows us to change a bunch of the settings and options to the better.


Updates coming to the 5/10x over this week:

Ch47 (Chinook) loot table will be modified.
Crates on & in the water will be modified.
Scientist & NPC’s loot table will be modified.  
APC (Bradley) loot table will be modified.
Heli loot table will be modified.
NPC’s will be getting a slight upgrade in performance and how they target players.
Kits (including VIP kits) will be modified.
Quest system will either get a full overhaul or be removed (not sure about this yet).
In-game shop is missing pictures, items & better prices – I’d have to slowly fine tune it over a few weeks, however, I don’t think it should be that easy to gain HQM.
Steam group kit will be modified.

Anti-grief system will be implemented & an entity limiter (which should prevent people from taking down the server when building to massive or spam crafting). This doesn’t mean that you can’t build huge ass bases on the modded servers anymore, it simply just slows you down a bit and only allowing a set number of parts you can build within a set time. (No, it isn’t going to be a few parts every minute or so, you’ll probably not even feel the change).

Suggestions about changes to our modded servers are still welcome, don’t hold back!

Would like to drop a special shout out to LundiniZ, super handy at finding mistakes, bugs & changes that are missing or lacking in-game.

Sooo, after 2 busy weeks on the vanilla, having met lots of weird and wonderful characters and seeing some of the most basic and some of the craziest base designs. Here are some we've been allowed to use.

First one belongs to Gr00mey and his crew.


 Gr00mey also records his footage and uploads to YouTube, and the last couple of videos are from footage taken here so be sure to go check him out on there and see if you feature :)

Also featuring on our Vanilla this wipe has been a unique treehouse, created by yours truely. It's all connected to the main base as you will see below.



As said above, we are always looking for base designs or random shit to add into here, so don't be shy!

For anyone who plays or wants to try our 10x, me and my group are heading over there from yesterdays wipe and will be there for the next couple of weeks quite abit. So if anyone just wants to come and trial it or learn about it, stop by and I'll be happy to help or show off all the plugins we have on there.

That's all I have for this one, I shall see you guys around and about. Don't hesitate to add or message if you have any queries or anything to share.

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