12.0 Chill zone & Scuba diving, hell yeah!

May 3, 2018


Loads of things have happened since the last blog was posted. Our modded servers lost a lot of people, sadly this isn’t something we like, and we’ve tried tons of things to revert it. Player suggestions, rule changes, plugin changes, settings & various other changes in the different configs (all of this to fine tune our plugins and settings).

We listen to the community and take serious suggestions into consideration, if we find it reasonable and to be a decent idea, then we would most likely add it. This should not be understood as we add anything just because someone wants it and thinks it would be cool.

Not everything has been going the wrong way, our vanilla server is pretty booming. We have had queue up to 13 people with 125 people being online. I’ve raised the player cap to 150 from 125 people, but we are considering to reduce it again, reason for this being that we need to keep the map size down to 4-4.5k due to the lower upkeep ratio. Lower upkeep means bigger builds, this increases the entity count, and rust still has a limit.

At 240.000-250.000 entities the server will start to lag, and most likely give severe lag spikes/freezes.

At 300.000-350.000 entities the server will most likely crash constantly, stall out and give major pushbacks/rollbacks.

This is what I personally have tested on our servers, things could have had changed since though.

A vanilla server would not lag the same way, as it’s running either with very few plugins installed or none.


What is in the schedule for the next month, Rusticles server wise?


1. Our staff team needs a slight expansion, and this should be worked on, with us talking and communicating better as a group.

2. I’m currently reading into coding rust plugins, this is something I’ve wanted to learn for a while – so now I’m going to do it. Previously I’ve been paying for a private coder to help with difficulties that I could not solve myself.


3. Overall checking of plugins, updates and some changes. I’ve got a few ideas of new events, and changes to looting on our 5x/10x.

4. Extended work on our Arena server. Setting up aim train, events, arenas & more. We are looking for builders, who would like to give it a go with designing some arenas. We are looking for all kinds of design, big open ones, small closed, CQB, DM, TDM, CTF & more! Send me (Sticky) a msg if you are interested in this.

We still offer any Rusticles community player to join our test server if you want to test anything! Again, send me (Sticky) a msg if you are interested in this.

5. The blog is getting more attention, same with our community forum. We’d like to see more action on the forum, snap some screenies of your bases, fights or raids and post them!

6. This is actually something I didn’t want to say anything about, but I’ve been looking into live stats to our website using API. It’s possible already and has been for a while – but there are some changes to it that I’ve been looking for and want added before I go further with it.


“I was banned but would like to come back, how can I redeem myself?”


Getting banned on our servers is with guarantee because you didn’t follow our rules. Anything regarding Sexism, Nazism & Racism is a no go neither on our rust servers or on discord. If you were banned for breaking the group limit then you will be unbanned after the wipe, first time being banned only that is though. If you were banned previously then we will permanent ban.

We do offer ban appeals at our website www.rusticles.net/ban-appeal


Rightttt, FiCtO's back all excited with wipe hype and some news on what to expect in the next update and what I think about it all.

First things first and the most important update of all...night times in Rust when you're around a monument and there is them lights that have that annoying smoke and buzzing noise around it. That's been removed!

On a serious note, two big updates this month, a new NPC compound being the first.
This is probably the most exciting of the two bigger updates this month, a brand new monument, fully equipped with level 1 workbenches, oil refinerys, chill out bbq area and NPC ran vending machines! All kept nice and guarded by scientist NPCs and peacekeeper turrets! Here are some screenshots of the vending machines,

*Shoutout to Ser Winters video for the screenshots*


Definately gives an easier way to get those bloody oil refinerys and large furnaces!

Now, the compound works based on peacekeeper turrets, even if you are hiding and quickly pull out a weapon, you get the following warning...


 Followed by the NPC turrets doing their best to kill you...


 The lethal force timer slowly counts down if you put your weapon away and by the looks of it, the more trouble you cause, the higher the lethal force timer goes up for your specific character.

Anyone hoping to just have all their loot on them and go to sleep in there, go to sleep for 20 minutes or longer and you will be targeted by the scientists and turrets. So don't try that. Also going to be very unlucky if your power goes off while you are in there!

The second big update, which comes with a whole bunch of new content, is scuba gear! These scuba gear items will be found in the regular square boxes. It is not yet known if these will be craftable or just an item we can find, but all will be explained later on today when the update hits.

The mask will restrict your vision, very much like the HQM helmet, and the flippers with slow your walking speed down, again like the rest of the HQM armour. The mask will ensure visibility is high under the water and the flippers will turn you into the equivalent of a human dolphin crossbreed. Now what will we need these for? Isn't under the waters of Rust just an empty desolate place? Well, yes it is. HOWEVER there is going to be new underwater loot boxes, again another way of people avoiding those often crowded roads but still being able to get some components and whatever other misc items they will have inside them!

Moving away from the update news, I asked for some pictures in the last (and my first) blog, and I haven't received any as of yet, so here is just a couple of pictures I already had. Shoutout to Lundiniz for both of these 10x bases.


 If you haven't checked out our 10x server then it's certainly something I would recommend if you are just wanting to take a more casual and chilled out approach to Rust. Also if you need to practice base designs for tonight, it's very quick and easy to get materials to make sure you have the perfect design down.

On some random notes, here is a very nice SAR skin I got my hands on afew weeks back. (Suzy-Q SAR)


 And just to end on a real classy and official note. Whoever did this piece of artwork on our vanilla server, come forward because you are a genius.



Anyway, thanks for reading, if you got all the way through be sure to comment on the discord with the random word 'clodge' for a shoutout in the next one!

Goodbye for now!

FiCtO & Stickster

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