11.0 A new era for the Rusticles blog!

April 29, 2018

Welcome to the all new (and improved) blog section of Rusticles.

I figured I'd kick this new era off with an introduction, then see where we go from there.

Firstly, I'm FiCtOaGn, name stands for Fuck I Cant Think Of Any Good Names. Yeah, it's that terrible, lol. I began my Rust time on Rustafied EU Main, which at the time, and may still be the largest population official server. I have some videos and photos of when I began and my bases were the usual beginner bases, all backwards walls, couldn't work out for the life of me why my large furnace wouldn't place on my stone foundations and so on (lol). I found a server called Rusticles Vanilla and this one had just started running, it was here I found my love for Rust and meeting some of the decent people that play the game (yes, there is some out there). I then left Rusticles as the population had began to die and moved on to another server where I joined a clan, obviously as those who have been in a clan know, it's super overpowered and for the next few months I was an active member of the Tight Little Boner clan (shoutout to TLB of whose name I didn't have a say in, lol)

 Sadly, they all moved on to PUBG along with most people I knew and had met so I decided to calm down abit with the monthly wipes and move on to modded. Here is where my near on 800 hours on Rusticles 10x began, and each week I'd go on there with 2 friends and build some of the craziest and most outrageous bases you have ever seen. I think playing modded helped my base building skills ALOT, I'd definately recommend modded (Rusticles 10x) for anyone just wanting to build or have a more care free experience on Rust.

*Rusticles 10x also has NO bp's, decayed turned to minimum and lots of other cool features, definately check it out if you haven't already*

So yeah, I sat on that server for a long time and met some great, great people, some of which will read this and wonder if I'm talking about them (I'm not, you guys suck) :D

Anyway, that's enough about me. If you guys do want to know more about us that hang around behind the scenes, be sure to ask and I'll bug them to come on and do a post about their Rust history and abit about them. Makes it all abit more personal and like a community if we all lay ourselves bare, doesn't it?

*On a side note, I often look at peoples usernames and wonder how on earth they came up with them and what there significance is, so please if you want to share how you came about your username or it's meaning please do and we'll be happy to feature it. Even if it's an obvious one, like fishlover13 or im_john_from_the_uk.

(Shoutout to fishlover13 and john from the uk right there)

One thing I mentioned once before was community content that you guys share with us, pictures of you, your group, your base design or anything you think is cool. We spend alot of time in the servers and see some incredible designs or some really funny situations, if you have any videos or pictures then please share them with us. Feel free to add me on Discord/Steam and I'll get back to you asap about featuring these.

One thing I'd like to mention is the value of a decent community, most servers are just a server, you fight/build and log off without a care in the world. We want to be more than that and want you guys to all be a part of it.

With that I'd just like to say from all of us behind the scenes as Rusticles, thanks very much for everything you've ever built, every arrow/bullet you've ever fired, every base you've ever raided and every chicken you've killed mercilessly with a salvaged sword.

Without all of you there would be no us and no Rusticles.

Goodbye for now.

Rust god aka FiCtOaGn.



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