9.0/10.0 Changes are about to happen!

July 6, 2017

Tonight’s update(s)

“Rocket factory dungeon” – The new dungeon “Rocket Factory” is in from tonight’s forced wipe!


“Hapis changes” – A bunch of updates and changes have been made for “Hapis Island”.


“Hobo barrel” – A brand new barrel in-game, this is not a loot container – but a barrel that contains a campfire to cook your food within.


“Driftwood can be gathered” – The driftwood there’s laying around at almost any beach is now farmable.


“Node spawn changes” – Nodes spawns changed into something that might be a bit more use full. Before rates were 33% Sulfur 33% Metal 33% Stone, which have changed to 25% Sulfur 25% Metal 50% Stone. Sometimes players didn’t receive the “Completion” bonus when harvesting a node fully, this have been sorted out.

“Junkpile spawn shifts” – Junk piles are now spawning only near roads or powerlines.


“Vending machine stock on maps” – Like to sell items in rust? A great update for you then! Having your vending machines “Broadcast” set to true, then it will show the entire stock of what you are selling in it!


“Antihack improvements” – Seems like rust just dropped a ban wave of users with ahk, so any macro users out there should probably stop now.




Let me note that this is just in, so I’ve got some work to do, since the changes in nodes where a higher spawn rate of stone nodes (now its 50% instead of 33%).


A lot of things have changed over the last couple of weeks/month – game is evolving into something that not everyone appreciates or actually enjoys to play. Therefore, I’ve decided to do something about this, in the form of setting up the “perfect” balance within resources to build with and resources to make explosives + high end gear.


We have been looking into how we could set this balance between the resources well, and I’ve been able to find something that can help us out – I (Sticky) will be playing next wipe on our 5x – both in a non-admin mode – which will dis-allow me from using any admin commands (I will still be able to both kick/ban in case of problems). If you still aren’t convinced then please read this can/cannot list for me while playing:

As playing admin I can’t “Raid – I won’t be raiding or counter raiding” “Directly engage combat – I won’t directly engage in combats if not needed, if I do have to fight and win, then I won’t be allowed to take the loot from kills I made”

I can “Base Defend – defending my base is allowed, if raiders don’t succeed then i can take loot if they died trying” “Farm, hunt and run around – I am allowed to run around and farm as normal player, although i will be preventing PVP at any time” “Any method to be more productive – as this is to see how the balance is in between the different resources, then I can use any method (as long it’s not interrupting other players, at least kept to a minimum)”



I’ve been keeping a close eye to how players act and talk – and it have actually gotten to a point where we might have to set up rules like “Don’t raid new people” “Don’t KOS with no reason”. If you enjoy the server, and wants to keep playing on it, then you should really consider that it takes no more than 2 min to destroy someone’s day, and make them rage quit as you just raided their wooden shack, and killed them over and over again – because they couldn’t fend off with their bows against your AK’s 😊

Furthermore, then I’d like to state that our servers will NOT be closed down due to low pop – we have no intentions on doing so. Personally, then I’d much rather try to regain the lost pop – as it should be possible of course.



We had 50-80 people daily on the servers, where did they go?

Both our 10x and 5x have had a very decent population for some time, and slowly died out – this is of course not liked by either staff or players, reason can be due to a lot of thing – but please! If you do play on our server and feels like quitting it, leave a short “Why’d you leave? And what could we improve?” reply. This way we’d know what the player base are looking for, and what they really don’t like – so we can improve into perfection!

Please vote up the servers on our vote sites, even though you might not play that day or two – but it would really help us out! Higher ranks mean higher population – in most cases that is of course.

Remember this is still a community we are trying to run, as its very much needed – main rust community is filled with toxicity, cheats and exploiters




I’ve changed the way our ips look, in case of the servers ever needs to move, then you can always join through this simpler Ip. (Add Client.Connect in front of the ip/nameserver to connect to it in game)


Client.Connect vanilla.rusticles.net:28045 etc. to join our vanilla server!






A few updates that I dropped over the past week were:

Barrels should now give slightly more loot than what they are used to do.

Level system in game have received a nerf and a buff. What got nerfed? Experience & total gain decreased with 30% - What got buffed? Farming at night/morning time will give a 50% increase in experience gain. This should hopefully slow the production of explosives down a bit.

After the node update our current plugin for X amount of gather kind of broke. I've changed a few things, and increased the overall sulfur gain with about 25%.

Heli should now be a little more fun to fight, same health – but the way it reacts and timer on rockets have been spiced up a bit. (This is currently not in yet) (Test still being made, if you want to test this – then please go to our test server)

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