5.0 + 6.0 Last week's forced wipe, this weeks updates & server changes?

June 8, 2017

Okay so a new week with another update which is about to hit, what will it bring this time? At least it’s pretty sure to say what last week’s update brought with it. I decided to combine last week’s blog and this, as there were a few things I had to be sure on before announcing it.


Last week we didn’t get to announce the weekly blog, and I’m very sorry about that of course! This week’s blog will contain what’s missing from the last one as well!


Last week’s update notes from us

First up something that’s been annoying for quite a while, those pesky lumber logs laying all over, will from tonight be harvestable! Helk (One of the main producers @Rust) states that he has made a huge change within the pvp part, recoil and aim cone have been changed - even a shake effect for all of the weapons!


Some other changes are all of the cacti are now also harvestable, nodes in the desert will look sandy & some small reductions in crafting, "pump shotgun cost 5 less hqm - Thompson cost 10 less hqm - assault rifle's durability is increased by 50%!"


Tonight’s update is going to consist of following things: (This is what we are aware of at least)

Recoil improvements:

Hitting where you are aiming should now be possible, some tweaks were made to the aim cone – bullets should not spread as much as before.

Buckshot buff

Basically the same goes on for the Buckshot’s, higher chance of more precise hit.

P2P packet flooding fix

Dropbox changes

Some changes that will make it much easier to use the Dropbox

And of course, optimizations

Our servers moved with only a few problems the last week, we had some small issues though regarding a big mess in old and new files, this have been sorted out now. Server performance have increased severely, but even though its running way better now, then I’ll still be using the next couple of weeks to decrease any kind of delay/lag there could be. Everything regarding UI and notification’s in the chat will be checked over and most likely changed/improved.

Let me remind those people who are really annoyed over some of the lags/delays that occurs – running a rust server with around 65 plugins (Yes, our servers run up to 65 plugins at the same time) is not that easy without some kind of lag. So even though we upgraded the servers with a new box, then I’m still going to remove a good bunch of these – most of them will not be missed anyway I believe.

I’ve had to spend a lot of time looking at the stats and getting things settled with the new server, so I didn’t have a chance to rewrite rules and layout of them. This will also be done within the next couple of weeks.

At the last forced wipe I tried to add Door Stoppers to the store at town, but not even 30 mins after people found ways to use this as a “raid tool”, so it was taken out again.

A test server have been setup for our staff team, everyone is of course welcome to come and take a sneak peek at what we are doing there, currently it’s a 25 slots server with a 1.5k map size. If you do decide to join up, then don’t jerk around annoying us while we work.

The new shop system is online! (New skins, categories & commands have been added along with an updated UI)


This might be a little buggish still with the mouse always jumping to the middle after a few seconds, but it should be manageable to purchase stuff! It’s become way easier to look around within the categories.


Currently looking into easy binds so players on the server will have the ability to add a button with a command, for easy use of /home or even /tpr etc.This will also add the feature for new players to easy bind the map or kit menu, as there will be a few preconfigured buttons.


English only in the chat – this rule will be added and should be followed as from 08/06 (Today).
Breaking the rule will end up in a mute from 30m to xx. 

I understand that it’s not all who speak or write English, therefore will we be installing Sticky Chat “Wink” – this will make the chat channel stick like this:

/gt - Stick to general chat.

/ct - Stick to clan chat.

/pt [name] - Stick to [name]'s chat.

/rt - Stick to reply chat.

Changes to the town:

Sleeping in town/water around the town will now grant you a 24-hour temp ban – items on your body will be DE spawned.

If you ever get d/c’d or crashes in the town, please contact an admin through steam/discord/friends – to prevent getting punished.

New town! – A Brand new town that requires less resources and which is way more compact are coming in at the next wipe, and yes, it contains the vending machines also!

Stashing in the vending machines – It’s not okay to stash of your loot in the vending machines, and we will be check even more in the future! If you do get caught doing so, then we will close the vending machine with the loot in.  



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