4.0 Fixes, changes and new rules?

May 25, 2017

Hello rusticles community!


Yet another week has passed and it’s time for another update. Last update brought us some changes and a new trap (Shotgun Turret/Trap).

Well, what's new this week you ask?!?!


Well. This week we have a few interesting changes such as..


  • Roadsign Armour Reworked.

  • ----

  • Shotgun Trap takes +1 Gear(s).

  • ----

  • Shotgun Trap Loses 50% health when picked up.

  • ----

  • Water Jug Sounds added.

  • ----

  • Item skins can now be changed at a repair bench.

  • ----


About Our Servers

Our 5x server is currently booming good, there’s been a massive increase in the population and we have reached up against 450 sleepers on the map! This is pretty incredible and it looks like we are in for an upgrade in the coming weeks. 


Some problems with the 5x currently is that we already hit maximum entity amount (which is about 250k) I've had to do some manual cleanings and I will be tweaking the auto purge system, and we will start making automatic cleanups of deployable/building parts every day.

I'm still going strong with the new shop and map system, currently waiting for oxide to get updated with a new hook, so we can get the /share TC back as well! (I see no reason for updating before this is fixed, the hook is needed in multiple plugins it seems).




Rule Changes


Some of our rules will change and even new ones will be added, we will even rewrite the rules so they should be more explained. The biggest change will be about our "Griefing"


Hey, everyone. Bear here. Like sticky said we will be enforcing new rules. One rule I would like to bring into play is using town as a playground. We do not allow this currently but it doesn't say in the rules. As of tomorrow it will be there, So please, do not use it as a playground. it is strictly for vending machine, buying and/or selling usage. Thank you!


Last week we launched our 2x server, which definitely didn’t start out that good - hopefully that will change at next forced wipe (01/06). The plugins on this server is basically the same, although there is no night skip vote, some quests are altered/missing, voting gives less RP and finally there’s no form of better loot, as we are trying to reach a server were you'll find yourself in the need to grind even harder to receive your goal


The population on out 10x server has been surprisingly low as well. some of the 10x players moved to the 5x. Our 10x will keep the same wipe schedule, as it should be more than enough time to get started, farming and raiding/raided!

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