3.0 Massive clean up and fixes this week

May 17, 2017

Hello Rusticler's! Another week have passed since the last update blog, a bunch of changes have been made since within the game, but also regarding plugins.


The changes which were made from the game devs definitely made it harder for plugin devs to fix and modify the current versions of what we are running, into the new sort of way the plugins are supposed to handle it.


As most already figured out then you can now only place 1 tc in the radius of that one, which is not meant to be like that. I've already found a few ways to maybe work around this, and I’ve send my coder a request to fix if possible.


Another thing is the auto share which suddenly stopped working correctly - basically then this is the same stuff over again, game devs decide to change a lot. Even though this really sucks for both the player and the staff team, then we need to keep in mind that the game is still under construction.


Last week i said that we would redo our short films about the "Double Layer Walling" rule, it’s not going to be in before the update/wipe tomorrow - I’ve had tons of problems with all the changes in the game the past week. 

We launched a 2x Rusticles with almost the same plugins as our other modded servers. A few ones like Day vote, Better Loot and Levels. The first real wipe of this server will be tomorrow along with the other 2 servers.


Being the top vote of the month is going to be changed a bit, so the previous winners will not be able to receive the pack month after month, this is simply not fair for new players.

Our steam group have reached over 900 people and are going strong for 1.000! A larger giveaway will be held as soon we hit the 1000 members, the prizes won’t be told yet, but it would surely be worth participating.


2 weeks ago, oxide moved the file location which ended up in a lot of duplicated logs, this have been sorted out now. This is not a change that players will feel, but I will have better overview on the server.


Updates for the servers this week



The next week will be spend on fixing a lot of the UI's on our servers such as text, pictures and overall check if commands, rules and VIP kits are 100% correct.

For the 2/5/10x servers I have about 8 plugins which will be changed/updated - this will happen along with the wipe tomorrow. Within this pack there’s an update for our live map, which might allow us to get the mini map back very soon!

The new shop system should hopefully be fully functional before next week’s update as well, it’s currently launched on our new 2x server, while its being setup correctly. Whenever we feel it’s about perfect or as near we can get it, then we will release it on the 5x and 10x server as well.

Rusticles AntiTwig Raid is now a thing, you've might already have seen it - but if you're one of them who didn’t knew about this, then we added a anti raid feature to prevent building on bases with twig even though you aren’t authorized, same goes for ladder. (It’s still possible on our vanilla, as we want the vanilla to be 100% Original).

Vending Machines in our town - this seems to be a good idea, although there’s a lot of people who also seems like they only want to take advantage of it, even in ways that could eventually make us remove it again if it persists. We are going to test it for another wipe on the 2 x 2-week wipe servers (2x and 5x). 

As our 5x server hit max entities not just once but twice last wipe then i will also be looking into our auto purge, to see if an even more throughout cleaning is needed.

Updates for the game this week


It’s always pretty much safe to say that every weekly update comes with some kind of bug fix/exploit fix - it even sometimes brings a new exploit or bug with it also. This week’s update seems to be having some fixes for GamePhysics which hopefully results in improved performance, the real question is for many here "Would I be able to feel it?" and the answer is most likely no. 


The dev team is currently working on the new Rocket Factory dungeon with new art and doing fixes before releasing the content to public. This content isn’t going to make it in to the game this week, properly not next week either – but if we are lucky then we’ll see it at the next forced wipe.


Other than this then we should not expect much more this week, hopefully they will have a surprise or two by next week!

/Rusticles Staff

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