2.0 Raid Debuff, Hammer Time and Server Changes.

May 10, 2017

Hello Rusticles Community!

This week, we have an update that will bring a few new features to rust!



  • First off the Rust Developers have been looking into the balance within raiding - some changes are going to happen here, not fully aware of what's going to go down, but something will change!


  • Another new thing is locking TC's (Tool Cupboards) with keylocks/codelocks to prevent other people from authorising (Friends with the code can still get their authentication on it).


  • More items to pick up with the hammer (If you have building privilege that is). Ladders, window shutters, window bars and embrasures have been added to that list, which could come in handy for some actually!

Along with these changes we should be expecting some small hot-fixes and possible even slight performance fixes. Last weeks update seems to be running really good, our servers have been running stably with a low % of CPU usage. 

Our 5x server is booming at the moment, so we might look in to expanding that one very soon! 

What is going on with the vanilla? Well basically the vanilla lost pretty much all the population it had on the first 1-2 wipes, which is really depressing for sure, but we will keep trying for a while!

Changes to our servers in the upcoming week? We are going to see how much we can push into this week, as there’s quite a lot of work to be done. We are still searching 1-2 more staff members (You can find the application under "Applications" in the top bar). 
Hopefully we will have the arena back right after the update tomorrow!

The in game shop will be modified this week also, we had some problems which caused it to D/C the user while browsing it, but these should be fixed now though.

Our short films/gifs about the illegal/legal double layer will be remade very soon also, there’s some people which really seems to not be fully understand the concept, which I understand can be a bit tricky.


Our rule sets will be modified and description will also be changed!


Our Battlefield Server is going to be no more as it seems like the server pop is a stable 4-10 daily and has been since launch. this is simply not enough to run it. "Will anything replace the battlefield server then?" Yes ... that’s all I can say at the moment.


  • Last wipe we introduced the expanded /town on our 5x server again, which was "kind of" a success. Players seems to be loving the concept, although it still has some faultiness - this will of course be looked in to as well.


Currently we have the animals on freeze (NavMESH) turned off, and this is something that we will keep having turned off at least for another week, as we are going to add in and change a lot of the current plugins, then I really don't see a reason to enable it before dev team does some more fixes on it. Same goes for the mini map, although I think most are getting used to now having it around, looked kind of silly also to be honest.


Remember if you got any suggestions for the server, even though they might be taken in use right away or at all, then we'd still love to hear them! Please Be sure to send in Any you would have.


/Rusticles Staff


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