3th of May

Forced Wipe + Update Day

Any in-game items will be deleted aswell will bases, inventories, saved homes & RP. A brand new map will also be used at every wipe we do!

Find more information about the update here

Wipes on following servers this week:

Rusticles Vanilla

Rusticles 2xVanilla

Rusticles 5x

Rusticles 10x


Update Time: 19.00Pm - 23.00Pm GMT

Wipe Time: 19.00Pm - 23.00Pm GMT

—  Rusticles

November 1, 2018

Hello Rusticles players! I hope we are all well and excited for the update?!

I just wanted to mention afew bits and pieces going on out in the open and behind the scenes at Rusticles.

I'll start off with the serious stuff and that is the rule changes/edits. Some of our rules needed a change and a re-word in order for people to not try and bend these to their liking. We're hoping they are all pretty explanatory now and if th...

August 2, 2018

Well, this noob is back again doing the blogs. For those that don't know me, I'm FiCtOaGn and I've recently taken a short break, but I am back in business now.

So, the wipe day is upon us and we're all eagerly awaiting the wipe so we can rush on, grab those hemp plants, put up our twig structures and grind away for hours, ahh such fun. So I've been trawling through the commits and the staging branch to have a look at what's n...

June 8, 2018

Yet once more we are looking for a blogger, and an admin for our Vanilla server. Please apply if you feel like it, the application can be found on our webpage Www.rusticles.net, look under application section.

I’ve had a lot of different people telling me how the current rules have been bended, some people have been pooling resources as we allow alliances in some way. I personally dislike this idea of multiple groups being al...

May 18, 2018

2 weeks have passed since last blog update, so it’s about time to drop a new one. This one will contain content from our servers, such as videos & pictures. Please send us everything regarding your in-game footage, no matter if it’s pictures of your base, or a recording of you being raided or even raiding yourself! (of course, not raiding your own base, unless that’s what you want to).

The upcoming week I’ll be spending on ou...

May 3, 2018

Loads of things have happened since the last blog was posted. Our modded servers lost a lot of people, sadly this isn’t something we like, and we’ve tried tons of things to revert it. Player suggestions, rule changes, plugin changes, settings & various other changes in the different configs (all of this to fine tune our plugins and settings).

We listen to the community and take serious suggestions into consideration, if we fi...

April 29, 2018

Welcome to the all new (and improved) blog section of Rusticles.

I figured I'd kick this new era off with an introduction, then see where we go from there.

Firstly, I'm FiCtOaGn, name stands for Fuck I Cant Think Of Any Good Names. Yeah, it's that terrible, lol. I began my Rust time on Rustafied EU Main, which at the time, and may still be the largest population official server. I have some videos and photos of when I began...

July 6, 2017

Tonight’s update(s)

“Rocket factory dungeon” – The new dungeon “Rocket Factory” is in from tonight’s forced wipe!

“Hapis changes” – A bunch of updates and changes have been made for “Hapis Island”.

“Hobo barrel” – A brand new barrel in-game, this is not a loot container – but a barrel that contains a campfire to cook your food within.

“Driftwood can be gathered” – The driftwood there’s laying around at almost any beach is now fa...

June 28, 2017

Hello All, It's I, Bear. I just want to start somethings off with this blog. Firstly And Most Importantly, an explanation to what has happened with rusticles in the past week.

Salt, Lies & Deception.

Many of you have wondered why rusticles has maybe lost a few players, or why the

rusticles.info page takes you to a gay porn website.

Well. One of our staff went completely berserk at a joke and ultimately ruined our discord and forwa...

June 17, 2017

Yet another delayed update, which I’m sorry for – but there haven’t really been much to update about.

Last update Helk didn’t get to the point of completeness in he’s latest “adds” which is the Scientist NPC. This were supposed to be a random spawning NPC that runs around the map, attacking like a normal player – so it’s basically an ad for the pve minded, and it could support some of the low pop servers with more action!

Next w...

June 8, 2017

Okay so a new week with another update which is about to hit, what will it bring this time? At least it’s pretty sure to say what last week’s update brought with it. I decided to combine last week’s blog and this, as there were a few things I had to be sure on before announcing it.

Last week we didn’t get to announce the weekly blog, and I’m very sorry about that of course! This week’s blog will contain what’s missing from the...

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