Server Rules:

  • English only in the chat.

  • Refrain from calling hacks, cheats or abuse of all forms. Use "/report" to report something to staff.

  • Don't be a Troll in chat, there's no need.

  • No one likes a cheat, don't do it. You will be banned.

  • Bugs, exploits or glitches. If you're found using them to your advantage you may be penalised. Report them instantly using "/report".​

  • All kind of Racism or Nazism Is NOT allowed. You will be punished.

  • Do NOT pretend to be a member of staff. Be friendly with staff, they are there to help you, not be abused.

  • 18+ pictures on signs must be kept inside of bases.

  • 5 people in a clan is set as maximum. No more than 5 people in one base/compound. 

  • Removing bases with /remove is NOT allowed - Foundation wipe are allowed.

  • Griefing is not allowed on the server(s) and will not be tolerated - Admins can however help the griefed player with removing parts.

  • Major personal attacks is not allowed and will not be tolerated! Community server don't be toxic!

  • Roaming/Raiding/Base defending player limit is 5. (Which means you can't be raiding or roaming with more than 5 in total)  


Please respect the rules and the staff team, be friendly and act mature when being helped or asking questions. Remember "Moderators/supports" are still players as well, and have no way to abuse their powers, as they do NOT have access to anything else, other than what is stated in the command list on the website. ""

  • Mute - Can be from 30 seconds to a long time, depending on what you did wrong.

  • Jail - Can be from 30 seconds to a long time, depending on what you did wrong.

  • Kick - This is mostly used as a last resort before banning - being kicked means: Get your sh*t together!

  • Ban - This Is used when you continuously break the rules. Bans can last up to one day to permanent

Expect to be punished by one of the following punishments if you break the rules!

- What is considered Griefing ?


Griefing is when you are using aspects of the game in unintended ways. This means that you can NOT wall of another player completely, neither can you raid a person and reset/take tc's and close of the base! Some people also get confused and ask if raiding is not allowed. Short answer is, yes, Raiding is allowed, just don't block off Tool-Cupboards.

Server Email:

Server is hosted in the United Kingdom

Dedicated Machine Specs:
I9 9900k 8Core/16Threads - 64GB ddr4 3466Mhz ram - 2 x 512gb M.K 2 NVME ssd - 10Gbps up/down.


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