Give away

Our upcoming giveaway is going to be for members of the community only, which you’d be able to join very quickly. To participate in this contest, you would have to join our discord, steam group and be active within one of our servers!

Steam Group:

Discord Server: 

Be sure to invite as many friends you can, as there’s surely enough prizes to win!


Requirements for participating in the contest:

1. Be active within the servers, we will check played time – and ids with under 24 hours played on the server will NOT be drawn.

Our current servers that will count - 
Rusticles Vanilla - Rusticles 5x - Rusticles 10x.

2. You need to be a member of our SteamGroup and Discord server.

Rules about the giveaway:

1. One prize per id/person. You would be able to join all of the competitions, but only receive one prize. (This is optional for the winner, to choose which prize is most liked to receive).

2. Fair play – which means everyone can participate within the contest, no age limits, no restrictions regarding where you live either!

3. Winners will be announced in the end of the contest, and direct messages regarding won prizes will be sent.

4. Won prizes can be given away, but only with the staff’s permission and acknowledge.

5. Be mature about it, no reasons for spamming/flaming if not winning. Prizes are 100% donated from staff members on their own will. If there for some reason should be someone who thinks it’s fun to ruin it for others, then we will act on this and any further giveaways planned might be canceled. (User will most likely be banned from the community, if it’s necessary to do this).

Prizes in this contest are as following:

1 x 25 Euro Steam Gift Card.
1 x 15 Euro Steam Gift Card.

1 x 10 Euro Steam Gift Card.

Random Steam Game Keys (45 Game keys). - Donated by "
There will be drawn 15 winners, each winner will be given 3 x Game keys.

(Game keys are non-refundable anywhere, and they will not be switched out – we will do random picks for each winner and make sure that 2 of the same keys is not given out to same winner).  

Vip kits for our 5x and 10x server (Free server choice upon winning).

1 x Vip+++ Pack.
2 x Vip++ Packs.
3 x Vip+ Packs.

Base design contest

We are running a community controlled base design contest, which should be about the wow factor. Rules are very simple here, build a base with your team or do it solo, shoot some pictures of it and drop them on our forum under the “Xmas Base Design” topic.


Find the topic HERE

After December the 7th the you won’t be able to participate within this, so please be sure to build and upload before that date. At the 7th we will start the voting, which is on the community side – luckily if all goes well that is.

We’ve decided to only make this a first, second and third place contest. Which will be rewarded with Steam Gift card, VIP+++ and a VIP++ kit.

However then we do require at least 20+ participants before the prizes will be given out, if the goal of participants isn’t reached before the date then the contest will be prolonged.

Please read this carefully!

When voting on a base, then your vote locks on the chosen base/design, which means it can’t be undone or moved to another base. We won’t allow people forcing/getting friends to just show up and vote for them, because they “want to win”. If this happens then we will be forced to act against it.

Let me note that Rules, Prizes and terms might change before the contest.

Contest is starting from 30th November running until 7th December.

Server Email:

Server is hosted in the United Kingdom

Dedicated Machine Specs: I9 9900k 8Core/16Threads - 64GB ddr43466Mhz ram - 2 x 512gb M.K 2 NVME ssd - 10Gbps up/down.

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