/mute "name"  -  Will mute a player for the time choosen.

/unmute "name"  -  Will un-mute the muted player again.

/ticket  -  Admin mode to handle tickets.

/jail "name" "time"  -  This will become an automatic feature as punishment for triggering bad words
/unjail "name"  -  To release the prisoner.


/kick "name"  -  instantly kicks the targeted player.
/kickwarn "name"  -  reason instantly kicks the targeted player with a reason.

/ban "name"  -  perm bans a player.

/unban "name"  -  unbans a player.
/tp "name"  -  teleports the moderator instant to target player.

/srestart time  -  will run a smooth restart of the server.


Anything else on the server

default players:
/info   -   Rules , Information, Wipe date and much more.
/vote   -   Vote for the server to earn 100RP.
/town   -   Store to spend your hard earned RP, sell items you no longer need or pick up quests.
/tpr "username"   -   Request to teleport to a player.
/tpa   -   Accept a teleport request from a player.
/home add "name"  -  Use this to add a home (2 is max) (3 is max for VIP++).
/home remove "name"  -  Use this to remove a already placed home.
/home "name"  -  Use this to quickly teleport to the choosen home.
/friend add "name"  -  To add a friend to the friendlist.
/friend remove "name"  -  To remove a friend from the friendlist.
/friend list  -  Can't remember who's friendly ? use this.
/bgrade 0-4  -  Easy upgrade on build (0 - Twig)(1 - Wood)(2 - Stone)(3 - Metal)(4-Armoured).
/sil  -  Want some art to look at? Get a picture from the internet and upload it on signs - Copy link and do /sil LINK onto a sign.
/showsphere  -  Will make a sphere around the cupboard - to show the range of building privilege.
/rewards check  -  Use this to check your amount of Reward Points (RP).
/q  -  This will show the progress of your active quests.
/ignore "name"  -  Use this to ignore a player from the chat.
/ticket  -  Need to tell the staff a secret ? Use this then.
/event join  -  Command to join the ongoing event.
/event leave  -  Command to leave the ongoing event.
/clan  -  Need to make a clan ? use this - it will guide you trough.
/ad "1-60" / "off"  -  This will make the automatic door turn off or close up to 60 seconds after being opened.
/ff on  -  Turns friendly fire on.
/ff off  -  Turns friendly fire off.
/hit off  -  Turns hitmarker on.
/hit on  -  Turns hitmarker off.
/kit  -  Shows all the redeemable kits.
/remove  -  Made a wrong placement ? use this tool then, remember to have acces to all and atleast 1 cupboard.



default players:

Server Email:


Server is hosted in the United Kingdom

Dedicated Machine Specs:
I9 9900k 8Core/16Threads - 64GB ddr4 3466Mhz ram - 2 x 512gb M.K 2 NVME ssd - 10Gbps up/down.


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